So yeah I can see how many fingers you’re holding up



Is this accurate? Is this what it’s actually like to not be able to see clearly?


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to start a conversation with the boys

  • say hi to harry
  • ask liam how are you
  • hug niall
  • say vas happenin to zayn
  • tell louis you love him

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In the past week, the Vlogbrothers have both posted videos attesting to the fact that they’re not sure what to do in and with Nerdfighteria next. They’ve publicly asked what they should, and it just so happens that I have been developing a potential next step for this community for about 2 years now.

Nerdfighteria could be the foundation for radical, large-scale positive change throughout the world.  Not that it hasn’t been already, but there are enough members of this online movement to  start something huge.

And that ‘something’ could be Atlas Unite, a charity that was inspired by Nerdfighteria’s eagerness to reduce world-suck.  Designed and structured to enable people to volunteer in new and innovative ways, utilising the power of people, and the internet, to create, collaborate and solve.

Atlas Unite is the name of the collection of numerous divisions, all created to address individual aspects of industry, arts and problems in the world.  Many of the arts divisions will revolve around working together to produce products that raise funds for elected charities.  For example, Atlas Ink is the division committed to literature and print, and volunteers will be able to contribute by submitting content or working with a team to make a novel or a magazine.

Then, we use the power of this community to promote the product, and have the proceeds go to a cause that is chosen by its creators.  We could have books raising funds to educate people in third-world countries.  We could have magazines that feed the poor.  And instead of it being just through donating spare change, it’s through creation.  People can contribute, with their skills and interests, to something bigger without even leaving their bedroom.

All divisions are broken up into further, refined characteristics.  Atlas Ink has 4 sub-divisions.

Cyan: Novels and fiction
Magenta: Textbooks and non-fiction
Yellow: Comics and graphic novels
Key: News and media, such as magazines.

What’s really exciting about the structure of each division is that they’re all volunteer powered.  Any volunteer can suggest ideas or projects.  Any volunteer can control the direction of that division.  It gives every person that contributes, a voice.

This is done by having tiered roles, where a newcomer can only, for example, submit content, but as they donate more of their time, they get access to roles that require more responsibility.  In Atlas Ink, at first you can submit to magazines, but after proving a level of commitment, you could work with people on novels, manage whole projects or even approve or deny ideas for projects other people are suggesting.

Hopefully this will mean it can grow of its own accord, constantly evolving to meet the demands of the community.  The more people that come, the more projects that can exist simultaneously.  There’s no restrictions.

Because Atlas Unite is the home to any number divisions, it can tailor its roles to the interests of the volunteers.  This means it will always be very accessible for anyone to contribute.  For launch, we’re starting with just 4 divisions;  Ink, Index, Telamon and NFHQ.

Index is essentially the administration roles, as well as a team of people constantly committed to expanding the organisation.  They’ll be looking at the world, and asking ‘Okay, what could we do next?’ and creating whole divisions to help the world overcome problems, or enable volunteers to contribute in new ways, such as music or film.

Having a group of people constantly asking that question could be very powerful.  It means it will never be a stagnate organisation, and there will never be any restrictions on growth.

Atlas Telamon, another division we’re launching with, is dedicated to local communities and environment.  Like Ink, it’s broken up into different color streams to address different roles.

Green:  Environmental
This will involve things like tree planting, and litter collecting.

Indigo:  Animal Rescue
As many of Atlas Unite’s roles already exist outside of the organisation, a lot of focus will be on enabling pre-existing charities.  We won’t be ready to handle animal care on our own for a while, so, from launch, this stream will involve us collaborating with the causes that already exist.

Blue: Personal Care
This could involve volunteering at retirement homes or with people who have disabilities.  It won’t necessarily be physically looking after a person, but more about empowering them as people again.  Allowing them to be a part of the world, by just being there for them.  I have been a Disability Support Worker for over 6 years, and by using our power of acceptance and support, I know it would make such a huuuuge difference for individuals who have cause for feeling so disconnected.

Violet: Community Aid
Volunteers will go into communities and look for things that could be improved upon.  Communicating with the locals about what could be fixed, or what could be made better, this stream will have very visible results.  Stuff like working bees, and new bus shelters. 

Red:  Volunteer Volunteers
This stream accomplishes a few things.  It will act as a pool of volunteers that can be ‘loaned’ out to other charities for their events, enabling them to accomplish more.  It will also have teams of people finding ways to empower other charities by organising events or creating campaigns for them on their behalf.

Orange: Emergency Response
This stream will address any sudden need for helping hands, such as assisting those who have suffered from natural disasters or crises.

Yellow: Promotional
Essentially, Yellow will focus around street teams and other avenues of sharing the word about what Atlas Unite is accomplishing.

One really powerful element in breaking these different aspects of hands-on help into different color streams is, dare-I-say-it, corporate sponsorship.  If volunteers are wearing a green shirt while doing environmental stuff, we could have a sponsor directly responsible for just that stream.  Which means everyone’s a winner, as corporations don’t like having to share their logos alongside others.

The final division we are launching with is NFHQ.  It is, essentially, another version of Ink, designed and hosted specifically for Nerdfighteria.  It will be producing large-scale, collaborative projects on its own website, which will be mostly detached from the rest of the organisation.  This site will also be addressing the need for a central hub of communication within this online community.

I had actually been working on a pitch specifically for this division, which can be read here.  It divulges a little more information specific to the structure and inner workings of NFHQ. It couldn’t, however, convey the bigger plan, so here I am, posting this.

And it’s definitely a much bigger plan.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  For example, after we’ve been up and running for a while, we’ll be looking at  establishing boarding houses for volunteers, where, if they contribute x amount of time a week, they can be sheltered and fed, so that they’re able to contribute as much as they want, without having to be concerned about sustaining themselves.

At its core, that’s what Atlas Unite is about; enabling people to volunteer.  At this time, there’s no real precedent for it.  And if someone does volunteer, it’s considered this hugely noble act, when really, it should be the norm.

And through Nerdfighteria, it could become so.  We could make a totally different way of life possible.  Imagine, if we could get far enough to start having boarding houses for volunteers, we could start sheltering homeless people, and have them become volunteers.  Suddenly, they’re not a burden on society.  They’ll be contributing to bigger, better things.

And that’s bananas.

If we, Nerdfighteria, worked together to launch Atlas Unite, we could start addressing some huuuge problems.

The only reason it’s labelled ‘Atlas Unite’  and not something Nerdfighter related is because it can obviously expand well beyond our demographic, and it would be prohibitive to restrict it to just us. 

But we can start it.  We can promote Awesomeness.

We can be responsible for what could be the next, obvious step.  As automation in industry deprives the working class from.. y’know, working, this could be the solution.  Turn these people without work into a powerful force of good.

So it’s been frustrating for me, watching Hank and John be a little lost with what to do next, while I’ve been sitting here with all these potential solutions.  Atlas Unite is about ready for launch.  It’s definitely going to be happening this month, however, I need some assistance.

I need some people to help me build the websites, oversee the first few projects in Atlas Ink and NFHQ, a few people to manage all the social media outlets, and maybe some people to eventually help launch Atlas Telamon in their local communities.

If you’re interested, please join the Index group, and post how you could help.  Here are some other links:

Atlas Unite
If you’re interested following our progress as we launch, and keep up to date on all the news, etc, please like this page.  We’re going to be doing a crowdfunding campaign shortly, as well as numerous other endeavours.

Atlas Ink
There are posts on the page linking to the groups for the color streams, but hopefully the websites we build will enable us to remove ourselves from operating on facebook. Liking this page will, for now, just keep you up-to-date on any new projects or products.

Like the Facebook page if you want to keep informed.  Join the Facebook group if you want to help launch the website or oversee initial projects.
Follow on Tumblr to see all the content we’ll be making.

So I hope this is something that we can work together to accomplish.  While I’ve had the ideas, I know this is much bigger than just me, and I could never, ever do any of it alone.  It’s literally made to address everything Nerdfighteria wants to accomplish, and this community was always going to be the launching platform.  I would have never considered pursuing any of these ideas if it hadn’t been for Nerdfighter’s commitment to reducing world-suck.

It’s the only reason I think this could work.

So here I am, asking you now, do you want to help make this happen?  Because it’s going to come down to all of us, as individuals, working together to make it so.

And I honestly believe it has the potential to work.

It just needs you.  Like the page, spread the word, be awesome.

Thank you and DFTBA,

Rion Hunter Brodie

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very interesting interviews. 

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This talking to the family segment

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please watch this choreographed performance of oats ala layla and remember how cringeworthy 2012 was


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it’s time to go….


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Apparently the intruder’s name is Ryan. Oh come on!! We don’t even know who the original Ryan is yet!

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Channel 9 cameraman calls Australian Muslim a “fucking terrorist” and then his reaction is used by the media to portray “Muslim gets angry at cameraman”.

Look at this prime example of just how messed up Australia’s media is. Look at how desperate they are to fuel the xenophobia that’s sweeping through the country since the introduction of Tony Abbott’s new “Terror Laws” and raising the Terror Alert. It’s absolutely disgusting. 

HIs voice is breaking because he’s fucking fed up with this bullshit and its no wonder.

The level to which the media in this country can (and does) influence the thoughts of the people is fucking terrifying. That they would go to these lengths to push their perspective… well I guess once you’ve gotten this far it’s not that surprising.

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Nature’s Grasp by David VogtTravel and see the world


Nature’s Grasp by David Vogt

Travel and see the world

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but why do famous people get things for free if they’re the ones that can afford it 

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i’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm

and the scars that mark my body, they’re silver and gold

my blood is a flood

of rubies, precious stones

it keeps my veins hot

the fire’s found a home in me

i move through town i’m quiet like a fight

and my necklace is of rope, i…

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